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Who we are

In the intricate realm of B2B marketing, clarity is paramount. At Thought Bakery, that’s precisely what we deliver, with or without generative AI. Our dedicated team, rich in industry-specific expertise, doesn’t just understand the nuances of niche landscapes; we specialize in making it understandable for your customers and internal teams alike.

Our approach is rooted in precision and personalization. With each client, we assemble a tailored team comprising seasoned strategists, accomplished designers, and adept copyeditors. Their collective mission? To demystify your product and customer experience, spotlighting why it stands as the ultimate solution in your marketspace.

Our goal goes beyond mere marketing; we aim to be the bridge between your product experience and your audience’s current needs. By simplifying complexities and crafting narratives that resonate, we ensure both your customers and internal teams recognize the unparalleled value you offer.

With Thought Bakery, your message isn’t just heard; it’s understood, valued, and championed.

Why it pays to work
with Thought Bakery

The cost savings of hiring our agency versus creating an in-house marketing team

In-house marketing team

Senior content editor/manager


Graphic designer


Web developer


B2B content strategist


Project manager


Social media manager


SEO lead (Content/Digital)





Working with Thought Bakery

Average annual retainer


Full-time support via Slack


Monthly sprint flexibility


Access to 20+ B2B creative veterans




Savings with TB



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Design and Web Development​

Market and User Research​


Design and Web Development​

Market and User Research​

Meet our founder

Chae O’Brien, Founder and Head of Strategy at Thought Bakery, achieved executive-level success by the age of 27 due to her proven track record and diverse industry experience. Fueled by a passion for marketing science and a drive to maximize her potential, she established Thought Bakery. Mobilizing the brightest agile teams, Chae guides both coworkers and clients towards peak results.

Her expertise lies in optimizing marketing through a focus on organic social media, website traffic, and brand equity growth. Drawing from a background encompassing SaaS, retail, eCommerce, and logistics, she skillfully crafts captivating narratives that engage audiences and drive brand success. With meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, Chae ensures exceptional outcomes.

As a mom of three young children, a devoted dog owner, and marketing enthusiast, she finds inspiration in the sun, sand, and sea. Chae’s commitment to building product marketing experiences that address user pain points distinguishes her in the industry.