Educate & Convert

Tap into our custom workshops to get your marketing team aligned with a thoughtful content marketing strategy that speaks to your audience, in a language they’ll understand. 

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In a Thought Bakery content workshop you can expect to: 

Focus your content efforts to grow existing accounts and open up new revenue streams.

Discover user pain points and create personalized content that solves their biggest challenges.

Explore different multimedia formats and understand the impact they can have on your audience engagement.

Team Alignment

Bring everyone to the table

All great ideas flourish from a place of honesty. We get everything out on the table - specifically your team’s hopes and fears for the months ahead. 

How Do Our Content Workshops Help You Drive More Leads?

Identify content ideas to drive best-in-class product awareness, aligned with your brand’s unique voice

Empathy Mapping

Using empathy mapping techniques,  we use collaborative discovery discussion to help visualize your buyer’s needs, across your ABM journey.

Visualize YOUR buyer needs

Campaign Outlining

Combining insights from your buyers'  journey with your team creative's intent, we outline content experiences focused on customer success and brand trust.

Include marketing science

Goal & KPI Alignment

Pulling all the insights of the session together, we recap your content marketing objectives and assess how well they align with your team's quarterly goals.

Evaluate and prioritize

Go-to-Market Plan

You've got the insights and robust content plan, let's go-to-market and get started.

Reflect and propel

Craft compelling B2B campaigns that increase brand trust, throughout your buyers' journey.

Build your Growth Marketing Plan