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Getting Started: How to record ‘on-the-fly’ videos that captures your B2B audiences’ attention - Creating content that continuously resonates with your audience is the key to an engagement-worthy content marketing strategy. It boosts reliability… Read More
Ideal customer profile insights by Thought Bakery
How to Build Your Ideal Customer Profile Around Your Audiences’ Pain Points, Not Your Bosses’ Opinions - You spent weeks, or even months, planning and sitting through countless meetings on your upcoming B2B marketing campaign. You hyped… Read More
How to understand what your future customers need from your product marketing - 5 B2B research strategies to learn more about your users’ pain points “The only important thing about design is how… Read More
4 ways to talk like a human when crafting your B2B content strategy - You know that feeling when you connect with someone who shares your passion for marketing? Maybe you swap success stories,… Read More
Case Study: How Bombora increased B2B marketing ROI using buyer-led content marketing - Understanding the ‘complexity’ of Intent data 97% of B2B marketers believe that intent data will give brands a competitive advantage… Read More
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