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Case Study: How Bombora Increased B2B Marketing ROI Using Buyer-led Content Marketing

Solving for Product Confusion

97% of B2B marketers believe that intent data will give brands a competitive advantage in the year ahead. But, like any new marketing tool, there’s a steep learning curve.

Leading proprietary Intent data provider, Bombora realized they had to find new creative strategies. Bombora’s Intent data solution, Company Surge® helps B2B marketers and sales leaders ‘sprint faster’ by focusing on prospective customers most likely to buy, aka, the hottest leads. They needed to expand brand awareness around their product’s value and its insane ability to catalyze revenue growth for B2B marketers.

Using a blend of customer feedback and product reviews, Bombora discovered a disconnect amongst sales leaders. In theory, they were aware of Intent data as a revenue amplifier but found the application tedious and complicated. They were unaware of how to use intent data as a major tool for growth.

Turns out, that critical pain point became the source of truth in creating campaigns that zoomed in on the usability and long-term cost-benefit analysis of leveraging Intent data.

Crafting Compelling B2B Campaigns (for Humans)

Over a series of in-depth interviews, we worked with Bombora’s marketing leaders to understand their buyer personas and key purchase decisions, as well as the customer experience built to capture their attention.

We plugged those insights into a wider competitive analysis of their industry’s landscape and validated them in a team-wide workshop. These team exercises pinpointed where Bombora had established market cred for product-led leadership. However, they also revealed a lack of strong connection with customers, prospects, and peers in the MarTech community.

From there, we worked closely with the Bombora team to understand their user pain points, anticipate questions from top-of-the-funnel leads, and determine the best format for sharing their message. We also leveraged their Google Analytics data to gain insight into the interests of their digital traffic.

To best organize the practical benefits of Intent data, we came up with this powerful marketing mix:


An Ebook series titled Know Your Buyer was part of a larger campaign called “B2B Intent data Explained.” This crash course in Intent data helped B2B marketers get familiar with the basics. Plus, it highlighted how intent data reliably helps to accelerate your ABM pipeline.
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Social posts were focused on increasing resonance and engagement with Bombora’s existing and prospective customers, partners, and employees on LinkedIn. We know community validation is everything, especially when it comes to product validation. Let’s be real, a product is only impressive when everyone else says it is, right?
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With both audio and visual multimedia, Bombora’s content marketing journey was drip-fed with audio blogs and short product explainer videos. Plus, a dedicated landing page housed the most popular educational resources all in ONE place.
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Measuring Performance That Counts

Our work with Bombora endorsed the science and intent behind the marketing strategy that was created to help grow their social follower counts AND drive conversions to new heights.

Thought Bakery’s marketing strategy combined with the power of Bombora’s Company Surge® Intent data led to more than 1000 eBook downloads and eight sales opportunities amounting to approx. 2MM in additional pipeline revenue.

In addition to eBook downloads and increased sales opportunities, follower counts on Bombora’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles grew by 15% and 30% respectively. The combined cost-per-conversion across both Facebook and LinkedIn was less than $35.

Even better? They achieved a ~20% conversion rate which was the highest of ANY of Bombora’s 2020 campaigns.

Key Takeaways For Building Your Own Growth Content Marketing Plan

Find the right positioning for awareness on-demand

Build a position around the problem you’re solving. How does your solution stand out to your prospects? Great marketing does one of two things: it’s pleasurable for the reader OR it alleviates the pain of a challenge they’re facing – if you’re really good, it does both. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Are your unique selling points (USPs) clear?
  • Is your content easy to consume across devices and platforms?
  • Does your copy get personal? Does it speak to the personas you’re trying to reach?
  • And most importantly, Is your campaign answering key questions your prospects are asking?
Allow your audience to be heard by sparking digital conversations

When given the opportunity to feel heard, people, respond. Identify the marketing channels where your target audiences are engaged. Where are people searching for your product? Where are they talking about it? Find those spaces and show up there. Adapt your marketing content to gain cut-through in those channels.

Track your wins and losses by creating measurable, go-to-market campaigns 
  • Did your target audience engage with your content?
  • Did they relate to your messaging?
  • Did they ultimately purchase your product?

Using free tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, LinkedIn Analytics, and your marketing automation insights, create channels of measurement with metrics such as:

  • CTRs
  • Impressions
  • Shares
  • Mentions

Plus, other sources of social proof can be analyzed and reconciled with proven revenue growth.

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